About MOVE3

A one-day gain obtained by the use of MOVE3 may well compensate for its purchase price!

MOVE3 is a software package for the design, adjustment and quality control of 3D, 2D and 1D geodetic networks in compliance with the procedures developed at the Faculty of Geodesy of Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands). MOVE3 allows fully integrated processing of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and terrestrial observations as well as processing levelling measurements completely. MOVE3 is an acronym in Dutch standing for Survey Design and Adjustment (Meet Ontwerp en Vereffening) in three dimensions.

True 3D – No compromises

MOVE3 development started from the conviction that 3D adjustments should be carried out in a true 3D mathematical model. MOVE3 properly handles all complex mathematics associated with a 3D ellipsoidal model. For the user this approach means “real simplicity in practice”.

Three in One – The Dimension Switch

In addition to 3D adjustments, MOVE3 can perform 2D and 1D adjustments as well. This powerful feature of MOVE3 is implemented through the so-called “Dimension Switch”. In 3D mode MOVE3 can even handle mixed-dimensional adjustments.

Freedom of Design

MOVE3 can handle all geodetic observation types occurring in virtually any combination. The surveyor is completely free to build up the geodetic network of choice.

“Adjustment of GNSS networks is pure pleasure with MOVE3, absolutely no problems” – Tauno, Finland

User friendly

MOVE3 has been developed by geodetic professionals who know the field, because it is also their working area. As a result, MOVE3 includes powerful tools such as automatic computation of approximate coordinates and state of the art error detection during any configured adjustment.

Increased Productivity

MOVE3 cannot prevent the surveyor to make mistakes. However, MOVE3 does identify possible errors (data-snooping) and estimates their magnitude. MOVE3 provides the means to minimize cost and effort associated with troubleshooting. Imagine the cost saving when re-measuring part of the geodetic network can be avoided. In fact, a one-day gain obtained by the use of MOVE3 may well compensate for its purchase price!

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