MOVE3 Version 4.4

MOVE3 Version 4.4.0 (November 2016): Support of Australian Survey Practices SP1 V1.7 Classes Project type setting for Australia SP1 Projection settings Australian ACT-SCG Swedish SWEREF99 Added Geoid Models US Geoid12B…

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MOVE3 Version 4.3

MOVE3 Version 4.3.0 (April 2015) Support of Australian Survey Practices SP1 V2.0 Added leveled distance to Overview of Observations and Report file Projections Spain UTM zones -ETRS89 Geoid Models Spain…

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MOVE3 Previous Versions

MOVE3 Version 4.2.1 (December 2013): Design Indicator German user interface Upgrade Google Maps to V3 API (V2 API from version 4.2.0 and earlier no longer supported by Google) Negative Prism…

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