Leon van Osnabrugge, Specialist Spatial Railway Design, Arcadis Netherlands B.V.

We use MOVE3 to process all geodetic measurements in our railway projects. We are involved in many different projects. From renewal of track switches or railway platforms to constructing or renovating railway bridges or tunnels. It can be anything, really. However, what all these projects have in common is that it is very important to have very accurate measurements. Most of the times we are aiming at sub-centimeter accuracy, and sometimes even at sub-millimeter accuracy.

We have been working with MOVE3 for many years now. We selected MOVE3 because of its graphical options and the fact that it was really easy to adjust our GPS derived measurements. MOVE3 gives us the best adjustment results and it allows us to combine all kinds of observation types. And last but not least, the quality control is excellent. It is our best guarantee to get the required degree of precision.

MOVE3 is based on the adjustment method that was designed by the Delft University of Technology and MOVE3 has become the de facto standard in the Netherlands. I have never felt the need to search for another software.

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