MOVE3: Making sure we comply with our client’s demands and standards concerning adjustments and quality control

Patrick Bakhuizen, Commercial Project Manager, Fugro.

Fugro uses MOVE3 for all its geodetic adjustments. This includes adjustment of all possible dimensions and combinations (one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional).

By making use of MOVE3 we make sure that we comply with all our client’s demands and standards concerning adjustment and quality control.

Our co-workers are all used to this method of design, adjustment and quality control which allows us to use MOVE3 on a wide range of projects around the globe.

In our continuous geodetic monitoring projects we also make use of MOVE3 for adjustment and quality control. Fugro is responsible for a wide range of monitoring projects, amongst other the ‘making space for rivers’ projects in Lent and Zwolle in the Netherlands. Internationally, we are currently working on projects in Perth and Hong Kong.

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